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A rebranding project for a leading rural housing association

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The client...

At the heart of Hastoe Group is an innovative housing association which focuses on improving the lives of the rural communities it serves as well as developing properties in rural locations that have eco-friendly credentials. The group is also the non-charitable parent of four subsidiaries: charity Hastoe Wyvern; development company Hastoe Homes; bond issuer Hastoe Capital; and, trading organisation Sustainable Homes Ltd. 

The project...

Hastoe’s branding was old and tired. More importantly it no longer represented the dynamic nature of this leading edge housing provider. Broadgate was tasked with working with staff, board members and residents to develop a new brand approach.

We undertook and developed an iterative process which involved key stakeholders at every stage of the process. This began with some educative work on how brands work and ended with an organisation wide roadshow looking at the potential design options shortlist. 

The housing association branding was split into three regional areas; East, South and West - reflecting the very different and expansive areas the organisation covers. At the centre of the new Hastoe Group branding was a fresh and bold logo with a friendly appeal. It also reflected the organisations group structure through use of primary coloured dots and a comfortable place for each of the regional and subsiduary titles to sit. 

In addtion to the consultancy and branding outcome, a full re-design of the group’s entire catalogue of printed literature, signage, livery, promotional material and website was completed. The branding style developed was then summarised in an extensive corporate identity guidline manual.


"Broadgate’s approach to our rebranding exercise was much more participative than any of the others that we looked at. The work that they undertook with Board members, staff and residents has created the very unusual but pleasant experience of introducing a new brand that was universally supported - and the decision took just 5 minutes of the Board meeting! They managed the financial aspects really well too, with our ancillary costs minimised. Overall this was a very well managed and cost effective exercise for Hastoe which has achieved the desired outcome and more.

Broadgate is one of those rare consultancies that is genuine, can be trusted to manage within budget and always performs with high levels of integrity. I recommend the company to others who are looking to rebrand and/or improve their external and internal communications."

Sue Chalkley, CEO, Hastoe Group