Christopher Stoakes Ltd

Magazine advert design for an author of books for students and young professionals

Chris Stoakes Magazine Advert Design Wendover

The client...

Christopher Stoakes writes books that help students with their careers. His books on the financial markets (Know The City), how business works (Commercial Awareness) and the law as a subject to study and a career (Is Law For You?) have helped students and young professionals get their first jobs. In particular they value his ability to make complex subjects simple and his entertaining style.

The project...

Chris approached us to help develop an advert for placement in a student law magazine that would emphasize his books as a great source of untaught, yet crictical knowledge that would be useful for anyone studying the subject. The advert focusses on a specific book with bold, attention grabbing typography that then draws the reader down the page to discover the range of books and a summary of the author. A QR code was added to allow readers to simply scan the code and be taken straight to Chris's catalogue of books available for purchase.